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Monday, May 11, 2009

Chicago Trip Pt. 1

Yes, I'm alive!! I'm finally back and starting a new semester at school. Summer term...ew. But can't be helped. Here are some sketches I did of people waiting at the LAX terminal back in April. I was on my way to Chicago!!

And in response to Nophantomsallowed's question: I wouldn't necessarily call Art Center "torture," but it IS very intensive and you have to be serious about your education and willing to work long hours. Some students recommend getting your GE's out of the way at a community college first. If you do, make sure you contact Art Center and confirm that the classes you're taking at the CC/JC will transfer to Art Center. Many classes don't. Hope that helps! Good luck!


izumi said...

heeeee, update! :) even though i saw these sketches already in person~ glad to see you're scanning :D

Nophantomsallowed said...

Yea thanks for replying. Is the classwork/homework at the very least fun?